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The Art of Olfactory Creation: Transforming Brands and Experiences

Olfactory Creation is about the ability to strategically use fragrances to influence the emotions, behaviors, and perceptions of people. It's a powerful tool that allows brands to connect with their audiences on a deeper level, creating lasting memories and unique experiences.

At The Aroma Trace, we believe in the power of aromas to transform spaces, evoke emotions, and enhance the quality of life. Our passion for Olfactory Creation is reflected in every fragrance we design and in every solution we offer to our clients. We want you to discover how a scent can elevate your business and define your brand in an unforgettable way.

We invite you to embark on this aromatic journey, where a simple fragrance can become the unforgettable signature of your brand, forging lasting connections and remarkable experiences.

Scent Selection or Creation

We offer you a wide range of options to choose from or design a unique olfactory identity that transforms your spaces and emotions. Our collection of 65 aromas, created by renowned perfumers, encompasses a variety of emotions and olfactory notes. For example, in our "Self Confidence" collection, the 1.1 Luxury Drive aroma takes you to the roar of the engine, the feel of leather-wrapped steering, and the thrill of speed. Each aroma in our collection is designed to evoke unique and vivid emotions. It's the ideal choice for small to medium-sized clients seeking variety and a proven solution to enhance different environments. You can select these aromas with the assistance of our sensory architects and our App, The Aroma Trace, using an artificial intelligence test that determines which aroma best suits your personality and mood. To go a step further, we can conduct neuromarketing studies to measure the impact of scent on brain functions and emotions. For larger clients and BTL activations, we offer the creation of exclusive olfactory identities. We collaborate closely with you to understand your goals and brand, crafting personalized aromas that align with your identity and create memorable experiences for your audience.

Process 01

We initiate the process by immersing ourselves in a virtual reality presentation where we travel to different environments through scent. Later we immerse in the essence of the client's brand. This involves a comprehensive understanding of their values, objectives, key audience, and the specific emotions they wish to highlight. We maintain a holistic approach to ensure that the olfactory identity is a genuine extension of the brand.

Process 02

We then use our Scent Briefcase with 65 fragrances to determine which fragrance integrates best with the overall brand identity. We consider elements such as the logo, slogan, architecture, space design, corporate colors, and the brand's personality. Based on this process we gift the client mouillettes with the preferred scents and we pick one from our collection or move on to scent creation if the client qualifies.

Process 03

In the case of olfactory creation, our highly skilled and expert team of perfumers meticulously creates 3 to 5 initial aroma samples designed to reflect the brand's values and attributes. Throughout this process, we ensure that each aroma complies with the highest ethical standards and the regulations set by the IFRA.

Process 04

In the case of olfactory creation, we facilitate the testing of these samples with the client using a Sensory Box format. Each sample is presented through a unique video with a QR code, allowing decision-makers to experience the olfactory sensations and participate in a survey at the end to select their favorite aroma. Optionally, we conduct neuromarketing studies to identify the emotions evoked by the aromas in the audience.

Process 05

Based on client feedback and test results, we make adjustments and refine the aromas as necessary. Furthermore, we tailor the aromas for nebulization and prepare them for final testing at specific locations.

Process 06

Once the client selects the final aroma, we strategically implement it in their spaces. Over time, we provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that the olfactory identity remains effective and aligns with the brand's evolving needs.


1Site Assessment

Our team of sensory architects conducts a thorough analysis of the space where olfactive marketing will be implemented. This includes evaluating the layout and traffic flow in the location to understand how to make the most of the power of scent and enhance the customer experience.

2Understanding Objectives

We work closely with our clients to identify and thoroughly understand their objectives and goals in relation to olfactive marketing. This allows us to align our strategy with their specific needs.

3Identification of Key Areas

Utilizing our specialized knowledge, we identify key areas within the space where the strategic installation of aroma diffusion systems can have the greatest impact on improving the customer experience. This may include entry zones, waiting areas, or places where customers spend more time.

4Strategic Design and Placement

We develop a design plan that includes the strategic placement of aroma diffusion systems in the identified areas. Our goal is to ensure the effective distribution of fragrances to achieve the desired objectives.

5Optional Maintenance

We offer an optional periodic maintenance program for customers who wish to ensure a consistent and high-quality aroma in their space. This program includes fragrance replenishment, cleaning, and technical maintenance.

6Continuous Improvement and Adjustments

Our team of sensory architects is prepared to make adjustments as needed and to improve the strategy based on results and feedback over time. Continuous improvement is an essential part of our approach to ensure an exceptional customer experience.


Below the Line Marketing

We Create Sensory Experiences

We take olfactory marketing to the next level with our BTL activations. We create unique experiences at thematic events, such as film festivals, where we design custom scents that complement movie screenings, immersing the audience in the plot through their sense of smell. We also organize contests and olfactive games, like challenges to guess the correct aroma at wine-tasting events, actively engaging attendees. Furthermore, through olfactive storytelling, we highlight the stories behind brands by associating fragrances with significant moments and memories. Our BTL activations are a fusion of creativity and strategy, designed to captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression.

These are the fields in which we excel.


Is it safe for individuals with allergies or sensitivity to specific scents?

Our scents prioritize safety with meticulous crafting, adhering to stringent regulations set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). Thorough testing accompanies each fragrance, and our accessible safety data sheets detail components, ensuring they surpass established quality and safety standards. This commitment to transparency is fundamental to our approach.

Recognizing that individuals, particularly those with delicate respiratory systems, may have varying sensitivities, rest assured our dedication to safety minimizes the risk of allergic reactions during cold-air diffusion. With a proven track record of installations surpassing 10,000 devices worldwide, our scents have earned acclaim for providing a delightful olfactory experience while maintaining a secure environment.

At The Aroma Trace, we seamlessly harmonize fragrance and safety, ensuring our scents captivate the senses and bring joy to pets, children, and all forms of life. Immerse yourself in the transformative experience of our scents, where safety is as integral as the delightful aromas we proudly offer.

What is the duration of the fragrances, and how often do I need to refill or change the system?

The duration of our fragrances varies, contingent on the devices utilized and the selected scenting intensity. Typically, our cold-air diffusers dispense 1 gram of perfume per hour at a 50% intensity level. It's important to note that factors such as humidity, heat, and the specific components of the fragrance can influence the longevity of the scent.

To address the need for refills or system changes, our cold-air diffusers are equipped with smart sensors. These sensors continuously monitor the fragrance levels and, when running low, prompt a technician to refill the device promptly. Alternatively, you may receive a reminder to perform the refill yourself. This proactive approach ensures that your space is consistently infused with a pleasant scent, providing an uninterrupted olfactory experience.

How long does the olfactory identity development process take?

The process of developing a custom fragrance typically takes between 1 and 2 months. This timeframe encompasses the meticulous search for the perfect chemical blend that aligns with the desired identity, ensuring it adheres to our strict ethical code. Additionally, time is dedicated to crafting multiple samples to guarantee the fragrance is exceptional. Once the samples are completed, they are sent to the client for evaluation, ensuring the final fragrance is entirely satisfactory and unique for their specific application.

The process of selecting a fragrance from our scent briefcase collection and setting up a trial can take as little as a few days depending on the country and if the scent is in stock.

How is it ensured that the aroma developed is exclusive and represents my brand?

We provide exclusivity in our olfactory development contracts. To clients for whom we create a unique olfactory identity, we guarantee exclusivity throughout the duration of the contract validated by the law applicable to each country. This means that we commit not to offer the same fragrance to any other client during the agreed-upon period. This measure ensures that the olfactory identity crafted for a client is unique and distinctly reflects the desired brand or environment without duplicates in other locations or establishments.

Do you provide solutions for small businesses or smaller spaces?

Yes, we cater to businesses of all sizes, including small businesses and smaller spaces. Our solutions are versatile and can be tailored to meet the needs of businesses as small as a single store or local shops with spaces as compact as 20 square meters. Whether you're a small local business or part of a larger chain, our range of diffusers comes with varying strengths, and each diffuser can adapt its intensity. We have extensive experience working with a diverse clientele, from small shops to large hotel chains with as many as 4000 rooms in each hotel. Our goal is to provide effective scent solutions that seamlessly fit the unique requirements of businesses, regardless of their size.

Do you offer international scent coverage?

Yes, we provide comprehensive international scent coverage globally. Our reach extends across various countries, with offices strategically located in Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Colombia, India, Indonesia, the United States, and Panama. To ensure efficient service and maintenance, we have established a network of distributors and contractors in all other countries. This extensive global presence allows us to deliver and maintain our scent solutions wherever your business operates, offering a seamless and consistent aromatic experience worldwide.

Do you work with natural, synthetic, or both types of aromas?

We offer a variety of aromas, some of which are completely natural and hypoallergenic, perfect for sprays and home products. However, it's important to note that essential oil fragrances require a solvent in their chemical composition for diffusion. There is no natural solvent that is free from CMR (carcinogenic, mutagens, reprotoxic chemicals). Therefore, our fragrances contain a carefully balanced combination of natural and synthetic ingredients that are not harmful.

The inclusion of synthetic ingredients helps us limit the use of respiratory allergens and reduce sensitivity to fragrances without compromising olfactive quality. We strive to maintain a balance between quality and sustainability in our formulas. Furthermore, all our fragrances come with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certificates, ensuring compliance with international safety and quality standards.

What kind of maintenance do aroma systems require?

Our aroma systems are designed for minimal maintenance, and our skilled technicians typically handle the necessary tasks. Maintenance includes changing the venturies on the bottles every 6 months, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, our technicians clean the diffusers to remove any residual fragrance, replace the scent charge, and, if fragrance exchange is required, we diffuse with rubbing alcohol. This proactive approach ensures that our systems consistently deliver a delightful olfactory experience with little disruption.

Do you offer tests or samples before finalizing the aroma selection?

Yes, we offer the opportunity for clients to test and select aromas before finalizing their choice. The fragrance selection process typically involves a meeting with a sensory architect where clients can choose from our collection of 65 fragrances in person. For those seeking custom-made fragrances, the creation process includes samples of 3-5 unique scents for clients to evaluate and choose from.

In specific cases, we can provide a complimentary sample pack containing 5-10 fragrances, allowing clients to experience and select their preferred scent. This ensures that clients have the opportunity to test and choose the aroma that best aligns with their preferences before making a final decision.

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