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Aromarketing in hairdressing salons

Camila Sansone

Promote the experience with the revitalizing scent of mint in hairdressing salons

Believe it or not, mint is a plant that can become the protagonist of the most exquisite fragrances. In addition, it completely transforms people's experience in various environments, such as hairdressing salons.

Camila Sansone

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“I like things well done. It is the only way to achieve individual satisfaction.”

Camila Sansone

Sometimes we are faced with routine stressful situations that require constant energy expenditure. But instantly, if there is the scent of mint in the environment, the bad mood starts to disappear. From that moment on, you will realize the transforming power it has.


Sharpen your senses and rest in the scent of mint

What do you think of when you walk into a salon? Relaxation, well-being, fullness. Imagine entering that environment and having the aromas awaken your senses. Feeling the power of mint in your body and its revitalizing properties.

If you have a business you can give this stimulation to your customers. You can make them feel happy from the moment they walk through the door. We assure you that this can be done by aromas.

The antidote to freshness

As you inhale the mint fragrance, you feel the revitalizing power. From then on, you can be sure that your moment of personal relaxation has just begun. It imposes a fresh scent that gives a sense of comfort in the space.

This fragrance has positive effects for your body and mind. It contributes to the feeling of deep cleansing. It contributes to improving breathing, inhaling and exhaling. It contributes to improved blood circulation. Therefore, you can be sure that it is an important element for your health.

Peppermint flavoring is the best companion in the salon experience. Raising your levels to a maximum level of comfort.

Benefits of aromas in Hairdressing Salons

1. Creates a unique and pleasant sensory experience in the environment.
2. It links it to the positive and the happiness of small moments. 3. Therefore, it provides good associations related to the brand.
4. It improves the mood of customers.
5. Increases employee productivity because it is an energy booster.
6. Helps differentiate your brand from the competition when mixed with other ingredients.

The use of mint flavoring in environments is an effective strategy in olfactory marketing. It is a component that provides confidence in the freshness and vitality of each place.
The atmosphere changes completely with a scent of this particularity. It transforms salon visits into unique olfactory experiences.
The Aroma Trace works with the best professionals to create exclusive fragrances that leave a memorable feeling in the minds of clients.
With the customized selection of scents, the brand identity will be strengthened and will generate a positive association, making consumers stay in the salon and want to come back. Contact us now to have a consultation with our sensory architects.

fragrances in hairdressing salons

The scent of mint can enhance the experience of customers and employees, associating it with feelings of relaxation, well-being and happiness. This fragrance in hair salons improves customer mood and increases employee productivity.
The Aroma Trace specializes in creating these unique sensory experiences.


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