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What does Love smell like?

That very curious thing happens that when you enter a home there is always a certain smell of that house, but you don't smell it yourself. Love smells like you, it's a fusion thing, it's harder to determine what kind of smell it is. Others smell it more.
The role of smell in the chemistry of love: aromas that make you fall in love.

Love is a unique feeling. We feel our heart beating, our pupils enlarge and of course, we feel the butterflies in our tummy. But scent also plays an important role because at that moment we are influenced by smell.


What does Love smell like?

Aromas associated with this feeling

If you ever wondered, what does love smell like? We experts in olfactory sensory marketing have the answer, as we have developed families of aromas inspired by this intense feeling.

Both in homes and businesses, the fragrances that transmit pleasant sensations are:

- Vanilla; It is unmistakable. It is one of the most used fragrances because it makes us feel good and takes us to our warmest and most precious memories.

- Chocolate; simply addictive. It is par excellence the most passionate and sensual aroma. Instantly create a romantic and sweet atmosphere in the environment.

- Floral; delicate and subtle. This aroma represents the sensuality of love. Pure romanticism.

- Wood; warm and welcoming. Cedar, oak, sandalwood, are part of the woody olfactory family that conquer and leave their mark.

At The Aroma Trace ® we are pioneers and leaders in the Olfactory Marketing sector and we can help you awaken emotions through an accompaniment of olfactory sensory architecture.

This season is perfect to enjoy the aromas of our Sensual collection.

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