Flavored banks: a better experience for users

Olfactory marketing, traditionally used in department stores and hotels, is expanding its audience and, increasingly, large industries, including banks, are seeking to reinforce their brand through scent.


Smell is one of the senses that generates the greatest impact on memory. And it has become a new communication channel, much more powerful than sight and hearing, to awaken emotions and feelings.


Olfactory Marketing in Banks: Improve Customer Experience

Why is 80% of advertising investment in the world visual if 75% of everyday sensations are influenced by smell?

Choosing a specific scent in a bank conveys the values of your brand to customers and employees, while reinforcing and homogenizing it throughout all offices.

The banks have already created their corporate identity, they need to create the emotional identity through smell.

In the financial sector, scent marketing can help drive foot traffic to branches and, once there, make these people feel at ease.

It has been shown that the time a customer spends in an aromatized establishment increases from 32 seconds to 48 seconds and that they become less impatient in waiting lines.

A fragrance can create a relaxed atmosphere to calm anxious customers or limit the frustration of waiting to be served, generating a positive experience and a more favorable perception of the company.

It has been proven that, thanks to the aroma, the customer has the perception that they have spent less time in a branch or waiting in line and, therefore, they rate the service received better.

The most important banks have understood that the aromatization of their branches is an effective way to improve the experience and satisfaction of their customers and a powerful formula to retain them.

A corporate fragrance has many benefits. A scent not only allows the brand to connect with customers on a more personal and emotional level than traditional marketing, but it also results in greater brand recognition in relation to the customer experience.

This is increasingly important for banks as we move into the era of online banking. The need to visit a branch is decreasing, so for the limited time customers visit, the bank must ensure a pleasant and satisfying stay.

At The Aroma Trace ®, under our concept of Olfactory Sensory Architecture, we develop olfactory products for each client.

Whether you want to convey elegance and maturity to your banking users through woody fragrances, or encourage relaxation through floral aromas, we have the right aroma for your need, start enjoying the benefits of having a scented business.

We have aromatization services for your bank with a focus on innovation, quality service and advanced technologies, in order to differentiate yourself from the competition by achieving a competitive advantage.

Thanks to the power of aroma, your bank will be able to connect with your customers on a much deeper level, since ambient aroma reinforces your most valuable asset like no other medium: your brand.

Get to know our aroma families, we are experts in olfactory marketing.


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