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Flavored banks: a better experience for users

Olfactory marketing, traditionally used in department stores and hotels, is expanding its audience and, increasingly, large industries, including banks, are seeking to reinforce their brand through scent.

Smell is one of the senses that generates the greatest impact on memory. And it has become a new communication channel, much more powerful than sight and hearing, to awaken emotions and feelings.


Olfactory Marketing in Banks: Improve Customer Experience

Scent Marketing in Banks: Enhancing the Customer Experience

Scenting in banks must convey the identity of their brand. The corporate personality is already established, but they lack the emotional detail. That which makes customers remember the establishment. This is created through smell.

Scent marketing can make people want to come back to the branches. It makes customers feel comfortable and comforted.

If, for example, they wait much longer to wait in line at a bank, it can mean that the environment is well-scented. The atmosphere calms customers and creates a positive perception of the place. So much so that they are expected to rate the service well.

Branches accepted that the scenting of their environments enhances the experience of going to the bank. It is also an ideal option to remain in people's memories.

A personalized fragrance makes the establishment relate to its customers in a personal way and the brand remains in the mind.

With the advancement of technology and the emergence of online banking applications, face-to-face presence is decreasing. That is why small situations must be taken advantage of to provide customers with the longest lasting stay possible.

In The Aroma Trace ®, under our concept of Olfactory Sensory Architecture, we develop olfactory products for each client.

Our goal is to differentiate ourselves day by day from our competition and for that we focus our products towards originality, customization and quality.

Thanks to our scents, your bank will be able to connect with your customers in an accentuated way with a special focus on your brand identity.


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