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Camila Sansone


The Aroma Trace Takes Center Stage at Upcoming Tourism Innovation Summit and IberHoreca Fair

In the dynamic realm of scent marketing, it's imperative to lead the way in innovation and sensory experiences. The Aroma Trace is all set to do just that with our participation in two esteemed events in the weeks to come.

Camila Sansone

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“I like things well done. It is the only way to achieve individual satisfaction.”

Camila Sansone

The Aroma Trace will participate in two highly anticipated events: the Tourism Innovation Summit in Sevilla from October 18th to 20th and the IberHoreca Fair in Ibiza from October 24th to 27th. These two events provide the perfect platform for us to showcase our cutting-edge solutions, and we're thrilled to bring an impressive lineup of sensory architects, accompanied by our CEO Maxi Iannini.


Upcoming Events

Tourism Innovation Summit: Sevilla, October 18-20

The Tourism Innovation Summit, located in the enchanting city of Sevilla, is a global event that brings together industry leaders, innovators, and experts to delve into the latest trends and opportunities in the tourism sector. At this exciting event, we are excited to have two renowned sensory architects, Michelle Labbé and Reyes Bernabé, joining our team.

As pioneers in the world of scent marketing, Michelle and Reyes will share their expertise on how fragrance can completely transform the guest experience within the hospitality sector. By strategically selecting and customizing fragrances, hotels can craft unforgettable atmospheres that resonate with their brand identity and leave an indelible impression on their guests.

With CEO Maxi Iannini also present, attendees can gain unique insights into the vision and strategy driving The Aroma Trace's success in the scent marketing industry.

IberHoreca Fair: Ibiza, October 24-27

IberHoreca is a well-established event in the hospitality and catering industry, and this year it's set in the picturesque location of Ibiza. We are excited to be part of this event, known for attracting professionals and decision-makers from the Iberian Peninsula and beyond.

At IberHoreca, we will unveil our latest innovations in scent marketing, and the presence of sensory architects Michelle Labbé and Reyes Bernabé, along with CEO Maxi Iannini, makes this event even more exciting. Attendees can anticipate a deeper dive into the world of fragrances and aromas, along with strategic insights from the CEO himself.

Join Us at These Events

We invite you to join us at the Tourism Innovation Summit in Sevilla from October 18th to 20th and the IberHoreca Fair in Ibiza from October 24th to 27th. These events are not to be missed, and the added expertise of Michelle Labbé, Reyes Bernabé, and CEO Maxi Iannini makes them even more compelling.

We look forward to connecting with industry professionals, sharing our expertise, and exploring the thrilling future of scent marketing in the hospitality sector alongside our sensory architects and CEO. Visit our booth and embark on a fragrant journey, leaving a lasting olfactory impression on your guests and customers.

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Stay tuned for more updates and insights from The Aroma Trace as we dive into these dynamic events. Your olfactory adventure begins here!


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