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Room Spray Glass


With its elegant and discreet design, this glass bottle captures the distinctive aromatic essence of our brand. Its simple packaging is designed for easy handling and excellent product protection.

Room spray glass

Room spray glass

Room spray glass

Room spray glass

Room spray glass


Transform your environment with The Aroma Trace Room Spray and discover long-lasting fragrances capturing a distinctive scent. Its premium quality ensures a pleasant and safe space for you and your environment.

Product advantages and benefits

It is the perfect choice to give an elegant touch to any room in your home.

Show it off. We've designed Room Spray in the purest The Aroma Trace style to stand out in your home, office or any environment.

Our refillable design not only reduces waste, but also provides an economical and environmentally friendly advantage, allowing you to enjoy your favorite fragrances without limitations.

Designed with an environmentally friendly glass bottle and achieves a better preservation of the fragrance.


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