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Trace Mist


An innovative cold-air nebulization system with a patented design and remarkable functionality to elevate your space in areas up to 75m² or 800 sqft for up to 2 months.


trace mist

trace mist

trace mist

trace mist

trace mist


Introducing Trace Mist, a revolutionary addition to your space. Our product boasts an innovative and patented hexagonal design, setting new standards in functionality and aesthetics. The dual-connection nebulization system offers the flexibility of battery or electric power, allowing you to enjoy a consistent and delightful fragrance experience. Control the intensity and schedule of your fragrances effortlessly with the user-friendly The Aroma Trace app, accommodating up to 10 unique programs. Installation is a breeze with included 3m strips and wall screws, and maintenance is minimal. With a 250ml capacity, each aroma charge lasts up to 2 months, enveloping spaces up to 75m² or 800 sqft. Elevate your environment with Trace Mist, where design and technology converge for your ultimate satisfaction.

Benefits of the Product

Elevate small to medium spaces with the Trace Mist. This versatile nebulizer offers flexible power options, easy installation, long-lasting fragrance, a stunning design, enhanced safety features, and customizable fragrance control, creating powerful emotions.

Versatile Power Options: This nebulizer offers the flexibility to run on batteries or an electrical connection, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite scents anytime, anywhere.

Customized Fragrance Control: Easily manage the intensity and schedule of your fragrances through The Aroma Trace app, accommodating up to 10 unique programs to create your desired atmosphere.

Effortless Installation: Setting up Trace Mist is a breeze with the included 3M strips and wall screws. You have the flexibility to install it on the wall or use it as a stand-alone unit.

Long-Lasting Fragrance: With a 250ml capacity, each aroma charge lasts up to 2 months, ensuring your space remains beautifully scented with minimal maintenance.

Revolutionary Design: Trace Mist features a patented hexagonal design that combines innovation, style, and functionality in one package.

Enhanced Safety Features: Trace Mist comes equipped with a secure lock mechanism, preventing fragrance theft and ensuring it remains safe around children. Enjoy peace of mind while indulging in a delightful scented atmosphere.


1Technical feature 01

The Trace Mist operates using four D-type batteries, eliminating the need for a direct electrical outlet. This battery-powered feature offers exceptional flexibility for placement in areas where access to power sources is limited or complex, such as elevators or bathrooms.

2Technical feature 02

The Trace Mist can be easily installed on the wall using 3M adhesive strips on smooth surfaces or with screws for a more secure fit to prevent theft and falls.

3Technical feature 03

At the ideal program setting 6, Trace Mist consumes 0.2ml/h of essential oil, providing coverage for 15m², and the batteries last up to 90 days.



Trace Mist offers an innovative hexagonal design, versatile power options, customized fragrance control, effortless installation, long-lasting fragrance, and enhanced safety features, making it perfect for small to medium spaces like bathrooms and offices.


At maximum power, level 10, the Trace Mist consumes 0.6 ml/h of essential oil, at medium power, level 6, it consumes 0.2 ml/h, and at low power, 0.1 ml/h of essential oil.


Capacity: 250ml


Dimensions: 182x212x75mm


Our Trace Mist is made of high-quality PA66 plastic, ensuring durability and longevity. Suitable for a variety of environments, this robust material enhances the product's lifespan and performance.

The aroma charges are made of polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET, which is a type of transparent plastic that is strong, lightweight, and 100% recyclable.


At maximum power, level 10, the Trace Mist covers up to 75 m² (or 800 ft²), while at medium power, level 6, it covers 15 m² (or 160 ft²), and at low power, 8 m² (or 80 ft²).


The environments scented with the Aroma Trace can achieve CO2 emissions as low as 500ppm, significantly outperforming competitors that can exceed 800ppm.


Weight: 850gr

Energy Consumption

Power supply: 12V (110-240V / 50-60Hz)
Low consumption: (0.68-2)A

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