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The Cherry Boom: A Fragrance Trend

While traditional ingredients such as rose, bergamot, and lavender continue to play a significant role in recent fragrance releases, there is a noticeable shift in fragrance trends this year.

In the ever-evolving world of perfumery, innovation and creativity are key to standing out and captivating an increasingly discerning audience. Perfumers are challenging conventions, introducing notes and accords that aim to capture the attention of a generation eager to differentiate itself from its predecessors and infuse a breath of fresh air into the world of perfumery.


The Cherry Blossom

Bursting with Fresh Fruits: Cherries and Blackcurrants Take Center Stage

This year, we're witnessing fragrance launches featuring intense and juicy fruit notes of cherry and blackcurrant. These fragrances exude vitality and freshness, reflecting the positive and cheerful attitude of today's generation. Cherry, with its sweetness and succulence, has emerged as a star ingredient, evoking the joy of the summer season.

Radiating Sunshine: The Soaring Popularity of Solar Accords

For an extra dose of positivity and warmth, the solar note is gaining ground in the fragrance market. This note imparts a comforting feeling of warmth and joy, reminiscent of the sun's rays on a clear day. It's the perfect choice for those seeking fragrances that convey a sense of well-being and happiness.

Exploring the Dark Side: Oud, Leather, and Smoky Sensations

On the flip side, darker and more sensual profiles, such as oud, leather, and smoky notes, are attracting consumers in search of a more intriguing and sensuous perfumed experience. These fragrances often belong to the "niche" segment and appeal to those who want to stand out and make a lasting impression.

Tom Ford's Cherry Chronicles: Two New Sensations

Tom Ford, known for his bold approach to perfumery, has expanded his successful cherry collection with two new releases in 2023: "Electric Cherry" and "Cherry Smoke." "Electric Cherry" merges the fragrance of morello cherry with the warmth of musk and sultry jasmine, evoking a teasing flirt filled with playful effervescence. On the other hand, "Cherry Smoke" is a fiery fragrance with dark cherry notes, seductive osmanthus, and smoldering smoked woods.

Guerlain's Cherry Oud: An Intense Fusion

Another standout example of how cherry has become a trend in recent months, both in the mainstream and niche segments, is the release of "Cherry Oud" within Guerlain's exclusive "L'Art & La Matière" collection. In this case, the intense scent of cherry is blended with the mysterious profile of charismatic oud. The result is a vibrant chromatic encounter between enigmatic black and powerful red.

Coming Soon: Carmina by Creed

In an exciting development, Creed is about to launch its first fragrance with cherry as the main ingredient. This promising addition to Creed's fragrance lineup is sure to appeal to those seeking a fresh and thrilling perfumed experience in 2023.

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2023 is a year where cherry has emerged as a trending ingredient in the world of perfumery, offering a wide range of options from the fresh and juicy to the dark and sensual. This trend reflects the constant pursuit of new experiences and emotions in the world of fragrances. Are you ready to explore the exciting world of cherry fragrances in 2023?


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