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Camila Sansone

5 Aromarketing Strategies

Learn 5 aromarketing strategies for companies. Personalizing aromas and creating a sensory experience are two essential techniques.

Camila Sansone

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“I like things well done. It is the only way to achieve individual satisfaction.”

Camila Sansone

Creating an olfactory brand identity is essential to have the success you were looking for. Scent marketing is a practice that offers that opportunity in the marketplace. Scents allow you to leave a lasting impression in stores and influence customers' emotions.


Know the power of Aromarketing: Strategies to improve customer experience 

What is Aromarketing? 

Aromarketing is a strategy used in olfactory branding to influence the emotions of customers inside a business. Everything starts with the smells and the impact they have on memories. In those that make you relive new emotions, feelings and unique moods.

Sensory architecture is fundamental in businesses so that people stay much longer in places. A pleasant and welcoming fragrance creates an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation. The wrong ones unfortunately drive consumers away. That's why it's so important to implement scent marketing tactics.

Aromarketing Strategies and Techniques

1. Identify the scents related to the business: Sensory architects must choose specific fragrances linked to the brand values.
2. Sensory experience: The main objective of aromarketing is to create an absolute memory in the person's mind. This is achieved with the combination of visual elements, music and interior design. In this way, an unmatched cozy atmosphere will be perceived.
3. Balance of intensity and time of permanence of the aroma: A correct balance must be found so that the person does not feel overloaded. A delicate scent with a specific duration allows to create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.
4. Brand personalization: The Aroma Trace studies the personality of customers or the identity of the business to personalize the products so that they are associated with them. Shoppers will always want to return to these establishments.
5. Influencing the consumer's purchase: Aromas stand out by immersing customers in an environment that allows them to make a purchase.

For those who wonder what aromarketing is, we can describe it as an innovative strategy that connects us with elements of the environment, using specific aromas. The Aroma Trace is positioned as a leader in creating unforgettable sensory experiences.

Our company has a deep understanding of the impact of fragrances on people's behavior. Not only do we create unique scents, but we also integrate them seamlessly with the identity of the businesses that trust us.

Now that you know some techniques, at The Aroma Trace we can help you create the perfect strategy for your company or business. Contact us and receive personalized attention, let our aromarketing experts do it for you.


Aromarketing is a very useful tool in the world of olfactory branding. It influences the emotions and memories of each customer. Sensory architecture creates welcoming and pleasant environments, fundamental to retain consumers. Scent personalization and balance are key to influence purchasing decisions. At The Aroma Trace we offer solutions to maximize the potential of each business.


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