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The Aroma Trace®, The Pioneer Brand In Scent Sensory Architecture

The Aroma Trace®, the leading brand of personalized air fresheners, as part of its strategic expansion plan, contemplates the incorporation of new countries to the 47 where it is present.

The Aroma Trace®, the forerunner in sensory architecture, expands its borders thanks to its international strategic plan. It consolidates its position as the fastest-growing company in the sector of Madrid as of September 6, 2022.

The Spanish brand, founded in 2006, is strategically developing with the aim of continuing to create more and better olfactory experiences for its customers and users.


The Aroma Trace®, The Pioneer Brand In Scent Sensory Architecture

With 18 years at the forefront of olfactory experiences and development of cutting-edge technology devices applied to Scent Marketing®, The Aroma Trace® is positioned in airports, hotels, retail, gyms, casinos, pharmacies, banks, both nationally and internationally.

It strengthened its relationships with three new Master Franchises in countries with large markets such as India, Indonesia, and China. And reinforced connections after twelve years of sustained growth in the Mexican market, to which thirteen Latin American countries have been added in recent years.

"Our growth forecast for the last half of 2022 is the incorporation of six new countries as Master Franchises, reaching a total of 53 countries by the end of this year", Luqui Bermudez, Corporate Business Europe & Asia, comments.

In addition, he mentions: "Thanks to our innovative Showroom Booth we managed to generate interest and thanks to the quality of our aromas and the high technology of our devices, we generate business".

The brand decides to grant Franchise licenses to important entrepreneurs in each country, after a detailed selection of their ability to transmit the values, dedication, and resources to be directly involved in the development and management. The latest to join has been India, where there is a very large market, and then other countries with high tourism growth.

It is true that the company is highly recognized and highly valued in the places where it already has a presence, its customers are big names and with demands of their level as premium brands. This is how The Aroma Trace® works to create the corporate identity of large companies such as Iberostar, Royalton, Meliá, Hilton and Hard Rock Cafe.

The goal is to help clients make their customers fall in love with them, generate higher sales and create brand identity.

The Aroma Trace® has established itself as a safe option in sensory marketing planning to cover brands with a global presence.

"Our efforts are in continuing to grow and increase our value of technology, quality of aromas, always with the objective of generating positive olfactory experiences that connect the user/guest with the brand", commented Luqui Bermudez, Corporate Business Director Europe & Asia.

He added: "One of our main sectors is the hotel industry and for this reason we have focused all our efforts on opening new offices in markets where they have a presence, so we can provide olfactory brand support in their properties around the world".



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