Worldwide recognition in only 12 years


Our technology and fragrances are exported to more than 40 countries


We have successfully created a remarkable olfactory brand.


A brand of thousands of clients around the world (Hotels, Casinos, Hospitals, etc)


Our team consists of experts in marketing, high perfumery, neuroscience, the psychology of smell and communication;All of them

warded and recognized by European Institutions.


Our successful method called “ENDLESS CHRISTMAS” is based on the following logic:

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We breathe 20,000 times a day; every past emotion is associated with the smell of a precise moment.


The olfactory memory is lodged in the limbic system, responsible for processing our emotions.


Therefore, being able to reproduce those aromas, we will be able to evoke the emotion associated with it.


And evoking those emotions, we can induce an unconscious action in the user / consumer.


Our perfumers develop fragrances based on trends, target, interior design, personality of the brand and go a step further by adding the necessary technology to determine the emotions that each olfactory note activates in the users. Like this, we guarantee the success of the olfactory development (neuromarketing). Applying Neuromarketing for the evaluation of an olfactory brand allows us to achieve the following objectives:

Marketing olfactory companies

Establish a ranking of those aromas with greater unconscious acceptance and greater emotional connection with the user.

Olfactory sensory Marketing

Know the preferences below the consumer’s level of consciousness and detect the sensory aspects that most appeal or generate rejection or doubt.

Olfactory marketing

Obtaining neuro-scientific data about liking, rejection, surprise, excitement, disgust, joy.

Olfactory marketing

Classify the types of aromas according to profiles: sex, age, social status, etc.

Marketing olfactory companies

You can study the degree of correlation between the preferences of the aromas and certain predefined environments, which are the most common objective of the brands.

All our fragrances comply with IFRA Standards and are legally adapted to the specific needs of each country’s regulations.


Our R & D department boasts having developed the most advanced technology in Sensorial Olfactory Architecture, Nebulizer Stream

First diffuser of aromas with IoT technology (Internet of Things)

Connection 365/24 to internet via M2M, with guaranteed connectivity.

Innovative design and adaptable to any space and / or HVAC intervention

Management software with user profile

Fragrance level meter with replacement notice

Remote programming of intensity and schedules

Consumption report and calculation of restocking

Recyclable cargo, with 3 months of autonomy

CE, ROGHS, UL Certifications



We operate in more than 40 countries around the world


Legal representation in each of them in order to provide a professional and responsible service


We have all the necessary certifications, import permits and brands


Detaching from legal responsibilities to our clients


We have a base of more than 5,000 international clients who support our service, whose credentials and
testimonies are at your disposal, in private link, after receiving the contact form.

Premios marketing olfativo


Bancaja Emprendedores 2007 Award

Bancaja Entrepreneurial Incentive

Best Ideas Award from present Economic Magazine

Incentive of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and business of the Junta the Andalucía

Incentive Fundación Red Andalucía undertake