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Fragrances for the health sector: Clinics and hospitals

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A powerful tool for enhancing sensory experiences in the Healthcare Sector.

The Aroma Trace is a leading brand in olfactory marketing for the healthcare industry. Since 2006, we have partnered with patient experience leaders in over 40 countries, enhancing the environment of hospitals, spas, and aesthetic clinics.

We implement sensory architecture in key areas such as receptions, hallways, treatment rooms, and waiting areas. Additionally, we provide a line of customized products infused with the clinics' or spas' olfactory identity for patients and clients to take home if they please.

Each visit is carefully designed to enhance the sensory experience. This approach goes beyond mere space aromatization; it is a strategic tool to influence emotions positively, enhance brand perception, and increase patient satisfaction. Explore how our sensory architecture brings a tangible and positive impact to your healthcare setting.


1Improved Perception of Cleanliness

Healthcare facilities often contend with clinical odors that can be off-putting. Scent marketing helps in masking or neutralizing these odors, creating a more pleasant and inviting atmosphere. When patients associate a facility with a clean and fresh scent, it positively influences their perception of the overall cleanliness standards. The sense of smell is closely tied to our perception of cleanliness. By introducing fresh and subtle scents, healthcare facilities can create an olfactory environment that aligns with the visual cues of cleanliness, reinforcing the idea of a well-maintained and hygienic space.

2Positive Distractions

Certain scents have proven calming effects on the mind. In waiting areas or pre-procedure spaces, introducing calming scents like lavender or chamomile can act as positive distractions, helping to alleviate patient anxiety and stress. Scent marketing can contribute to the creation of a soothing and comforting atmosphere. When patients associate a particular scent with positive experiences, it can act as a powerful positive distraction. These positive associations may extend beyond the healthcare visit, contributing to a more optimistic outlook on the overall healthcare journey.

3Improved Staff Well-being

Healthcare professionals often work in demanding and high-stress environments. Introducing pleasant scents in staff areas can contribute to a more enjoyable workplace, boosting morale and creating a positive work environment. A well-designed scent strategy in staff break areas or common spaces can offer moments of relaxation and contribute to staff well-being. A workplace that pays attention to the sensory experience of its staff demonstrates a commitment to their well-being. This, in turn, can enhance job satisfaction and contribute to staff retention in the competitive healthcare industry.


Olfactory marketing can help you create positive, engaging, and unique experiences.

Our experience allows us to create custom scents that meet the needs of every business. Request a free scenting trial for qualifying clients

CO2 Pollution

The Aroma Trace places paramount importance on reducing its carbon footprint by implementing eco-conscious practices throughout its supply chain and product lifecycle. This commitment to minimizing CO₂ emissions sets The Aroma Trace apart from other brands, aligning it with the principles of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. These are levels of CO₂ in a space scented with The Aroma Trace vs Other brands.













Scent Selection or Creation

We offer you a wide range of options to choose from or design a unique olfactory identity that transforms your spaces and emotions. Our collection of 65 aromas, created by renowned perfumers, encompasses a variety of emotions and olfactory notes. For example, in our "Self Confidence" collection, the 1.1 Luxury Drive aroma takes you to the roar of the engine, the feel of leather-wrapped steering, and the thrill of speed. Each aroma in our collection is designed to evoke unique and vivid emotions. It's the ideal choice for small to medium-sized clients seeking variety and a proven solution to enhance different environments. You can select these aromas with the assistance of our sensory architects and our App, The Aroma Trace, using an artificial intelligence test that determines which aroma best suits your personality and mood. To go a step further, we can conduct neuromarketing studies to measure the impact of scent on brain functions and emotions. For larger clients and BTL activations, we offer the creation of exclusive olfactory identities. We collaborate closely with you to understand your goals and brand, crafting personalized aromas that align with your identity and create memorable experiences for your audience.

Process 01

We initiate the process by immersing ourselves in a virtual reality presentation where we travel to different environments through scent. Later we immerse in the essence of the client's brand. This involves a comprehensive understanding of their values, objectives, key audience, and the specific emotions they wish to highlight. We maintain a holistic approach to ensure that the olfactory identity is a genuine extension of the brand.

Process 02

We then use our Scent Briefcase with 65 fragrances to determine which fragrance integrates best with the overall brand identity. We consider elements such as the logo, slogan, architecture, space design, corporate colors, and the brand's personality. Based on this process we gift the client mouillettes with the preferred scents and we pick one from our collection or move on to scent creation if the client qualifies.

Process 03

In the case of olfactory creation, our highly skilled and expert team of perfumers meticulously creates 3 to 5 initial aroma samples designed to reflect the brand's values and attributes. Throughout this process, we ensure that each aroma complies with the highest ethical standards and the regulations set by the IFRA.

Process 04

In the case of olfactory creation, we facilitate the testing of these samples with the client using a Sensory Box format. Each sample is presented through a unique video with a QR code, allowing decision-makers to experience the olfactory sensations and participate in a survey at the end to select their favorite aroma. Optionally, we conduct neuromarketing studies to identify the emotions evoked by the aromas in the audience.

Process 05

Based on client feedback and test results, we make adjustments and refine the aromas as necessary. Furthermore, we tailor the aromas for nebulization and prepare them for final testing at specific locations.

Process 06

Once the client selects the final aroma, we strategically implement it in their spaces. Over time, we provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that the olfactory identity remains effective and aligns with the brand's evolving needs.

Personalized Products

Scented Creations for Spas and Aesthetic Clinics

We specialize in creating personalized fragrance solutions, offering a unique olfactory experience tailored to each brand. You can also try our premium home line to bring the same sophistication and distinction into everyday living.

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What are the benefits of olfactory marketing in the health industry?

Olfactory marketing in the health industry presents a range of benefits aimed at enhancing patient well-being and overall healthcare experiences. Studies indicate that strategically chosen scents in healthcare environments can contribute to a notable reduction in stress and anxiety levels among patients, with a reported decrease of up to 30%. In waiting areas, calming fragrances like lavender or chamomile create a more serene atmosphere, positively impacting patient perception and comfort. Additionally, the use of refreshing scents in medical facilities has been linked to improved focus and alertness, aiding both patients and healthcare professionals. In treatment rooms, carefully selected aromas can enhance relaxation during procedures, contributing to a more positive patient experience. Olfactory marketing also plays a role in addressing the challenges of malodors in healthcare settings, as pleasant scents help create a more hygienic and welcoming environment. Overall, the integration of olfactory marketing in the health industry aims to improve the holistic experience of patients and positively influence their emotional and mental well-being during healthcare encounters.

What are the most commonly used scents in the health sector to enhance the patient experience?

In the health sector, the use of carefully curated scents plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall guest experience, focusing on creating an environment that is calming and soothing. Lavender, known for its stress-relieving properties, is often diffused in waiting areas and patient rooms to promote relaxation. Eucalyptus, with its refreshing qualities, finds its place in spas, fitness centers, and respiratory therapy spaces to invigorate the senses. Peppermint, chosen for its ability to boost alertness, may be present in therapy or consultation rooms where mental clarity is essential. The gentle aroma of chamomile is employed in areas prioritizing relaxation and stress reduction, such as waiting rooms or meditation spaces. Citrus scents like lemon or orange, celebrated for their mood-enhancing properties, contribute to a positive ambiance in various healthcare settings. Vanilla, with its comforting aroma, is often utilized in patient rooms for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Green tea scents, associated with balance and well-being, enhance the experience in wellness or relaxation areas. Finally, the grounding and calming effects of sandalwood may be introduced in spaces where tranquility and serenity are paramount. These thoughtfully chosen scents collectively contribute to creating a positive and supportive atmosphere, aiming to improve the overall well-being and comfort of guests in healthcare settings.

Are the scents used in hospitals safe for the health of patients?

Yes, the scents used in hospitals and other venues are designed with safety in mind. All aromas comply with the regulations set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). Additionally, each aroma employed in the facility has a safety data sheet detailing its components, ensuring that it meets the established standards of quality and safety. This approach guarantees that guests can enjoy a pleasant olfactory experience while maintaining a safe environment for their well-being.

In which areas of healthcare is scent marketing commonly used?

Scent marketing plays a key role in hospitals and aesthetic clinics, strategically enhancing various areas to create a positive and comforting environment. Waiting areas are carefully infused with fragrances to relieve stress and foster a calming atmosphere for patients and their companions. Patient rooms benefit from scent marketing, contributing to a more relaxed environment and enhancing the overall patient experience. Reception areas and counters are key places where pleasant fragrances generate positive first impressions and foster a welcoming atmosphere. Wellness or recovery rooms incorporate carefully chosen fragrances to support the healing process and provide a comforting atmosphere. Aesthetic treatment rooms use scent marketing to enhance the sensory experience for clients undergoing cosmetic procedures. Consultation rooms employ fragrances to create comfortable and inviting environments for patients discussing health or aesthetic concerns with medical professionals. Corridors and hallways maintain a consistent and pleasant atmosphere through the strategic diffusion of fragrances. Spaces dedicated to relaxation, such as lounges and quiet rooms, use scent marketing to amplify the overall sense of calm and tranquillity. In rehabilitation centres, scent marketing contributes to a positive and motivating atmosphere for patients undergoing physical therapy or rehabilitation. Through these strategic applications, hospitals and aesthetic clinics seek to enhance the overall experience, reduce stress and create healing and comforting environments for both patients and visitors.

What types of diffusers are commonly used in the health sector?

In the health sector, a variety of diffusers are strategically utilized to achieve effective fragrance distribution in different areas. Similar to hotels, these diffusers cater to various spaces to enhance the overall experience for patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals. In waiting areas and large common spaces, air stream diffusers are frequently deployed to evenly disperse calming scents, promoting relaxation. Smaller spaces like consultation rooms or patient rooms often utilize trace mist diffusers for more localized diffusion, contributing to a targeted and soothing atmosphere. In wellness or recovery areas, home fragrance diffusers, such as reed diffusers, may be preferred to create a personalized and pleasant environment for individuals undergoing treatments. Additionally, the use of specialized diffusers, akin to the Beasty, integrated into the air conditioning system, proves beneficial in large, non-public areas. This allows for powerful and efficient fragrance diffusion, establishing consistent and comforting atmospheres throughout healthcare facilities. The diverse range of diffusers employed in the health sector enables a tailored approach, ensuring that each space contributes to an overall positive and healing environment.

Do you offer exclusivity in the development of olfactory identity for your healthcare customers?

Yes, we offer exclusivity for each customer in the field of health. This means that we are committed not to offer the same fragrance to another customer. This ensures you differentiate yourself.

How long does it take to develop a personalised fragrance for a health space?

Our team prepares the fragrances within 1 to 2 months. The necessary chemical mixtures are made and sent to the customer to choose the one that best suits their personality.

Are the aromas of health environments natural?

Some are natural and hypoallergenic and others are mixed with synthetic ingredients. The team makes this choice because it limits the use of respiratory allergens and reduces sensitivity to fragrances. We guarantee to provide quality and customisation to our customers. In addition, our products comply with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulatory measures.

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