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Air fresheners and scents for gyms

Leverage our expertise in customer experience applied to olfactory sensory architecture and let yourself be guided by experts in the field.

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A powerful tool for creating unforgettable sensory experiences for members.

The Aroma Trace is a leading brand in olfactory marketing for the sports industry. Since 2006, we've partnered with customer experience directors in over 40 countries scenting stadiums, gymnasiums, and sports events.

We implement sensory architecture in key areas such as the reception, fitness class studio, weightlifting zone, spa, and even the locker rooms. We can create a multisensory experience that adds a level of immersion to working out. We can create thematic spinning classes or enhance the overall client experience.

Each visit becomes an unforgettable memory. This approach goes beyond simply scenting spaces; it is a strategic tool to influence emotions, enhance brand perception, and increase guest satisfaction. Explore the power of our sensory architecture to evoke emotions.


1Reduced Perception of Odors

The Aroma Trace introduces carefully curated fragrances that contribute to a more pleasant and inviting environment. By masking and neutralizing unpleasant odors commonly associated with sports facilities, patrons can enjoy a cleaner and fresher atmosphere during their workouts. he use of pleasant scents helps create positive associations with the sports facility. Instead of focusing on potential odors, patrons are more likely to connect the space with a welcoming and enjoyable experience, contributing to overall satisfaction.

2Improved Focus and Concentration

Certain fragrances, such as citrus or peppermint, are known for their ability to enhance focus and mental clarity. The Aroma Trace can customize scents in areas like fitness class studios and workout zones to promote an environment conducive to concentration and productivity. The integration of scent alongside visual and auditory elements creates a multi-sensory experience. This holistic approach engages patrons on various sensory levels, fostering an immersive environment that supports heightened focus during workouts.

3Motivation and energy boost

Energizing scents, like citrus or eucalyptus, can be strategically introduced in areas such as cardio zones and weightlifting areas to provide a natural boost of motivation and energy. The aromas can complement the physical exertion, creating a more invigorating workout experience. The Aroma Trace can collaborate with fitness instructors to design thematic classes where specific scents align with the class's energy level or theme. For example, introducing an uplifting scent for high-intensity classes can enhance motivation and enthusiasm among participants.


Olfactory marketing can help you create memorable, engaging, and unique experiences.

Our experience allows us to create custom scents that meet the needs of every business. Request a free scenting trial for qualifying clients.

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CO2 Pollution

The Aroma Trace places paramount importance on reducing its carbon footprint by implementing eco-conscious practices throughout its supply chain and product lifecycle. This commitment to minimizing CO₂ emissions sets The Aroma Trace apart from other brands, aligning it with the principles of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. These are levels of CO₂ in a space scented with The Aroma Trace vs Other brands.













Scent Selection or Creation

We offer you a wide range of options to choose from or design a unique olfactory identity that transforms your spaces and emotions. Our collection of 65 aromas, created by renowned perfumers, encompasses a variety of emotions and olfactory notes. For example, in our "Self Confidence" collection, the 1.1 Luxury Drive aroma takes you to the roar of the engine, the feel of leather-wrapped steering, and the thrill of speed. Each aroma in our collection is designed to evoke unique and vivid emotions. It's the ideal choice for small to medium-sized clients seeking variety and a proven solution to enhance different environments. You can select these aromas with the assistance of our sensory architects and our App, The Aroma Trace, using an artificial intelligence test that determines which aroma best suits your personality and mood. To go a step further, we can conduct neuromarketing studies to measure the impact of scent on brain functions and emotions. For larger clients and BTL activations, we offer the creation of exclusive olfactory identities. We collaborate closely with you to understand your goals and brand, crafting personalized aromas that align with your identity and create memorable experiences for your audience.

Process 01

We initiate the process by immersing ourselves in a virtual reality presentation where we travel to different environments through scent. Later we immerse in the essence of the client's brand. This involves a comprehensive understanding of their values, objectives, key audience, and the specific emotions they wish to highlight. We maintain a holistic approach to ensure that the olfactory identity is a genuine extension of the brand.

Process 02

We then use our Scent Briefcase with 65 fragrances to determine which fragrance integrates best with the overall brand identity. We consider elements such as the logo, slogan, architecture, space design, corporate colors, and the brand's personality. Based on this process we gift the client mouillettes with the preferred scents and we pick one from our collection or move on to scent creation if the client qualifies.

Process 03

In the case of olfactory creation, our highly skilled and expert team of perfumers meticulously creates 3 to 5 initial aroma samples designed to reflect the brand's values and attributes. Throughout this process, we ensure that each aroma complies with the highest ethical standards and the regulations set by the IFRA.

Process 04

In the case of olfactory creation, we facilitate the testing of these samples with the client using a Sensory Box format. Each sample is presented through a unique video with a QR code, allowing decision-makers to experience the olfactory sensations and participate in a survey at the end to select their favorite aroma. Optionally, we conduct neuromarketing studies to identify the emotions evoked by the aromas in the audience.

Process 05

Based on client feedback and test results, we make adjustments and refine the aromas as necessary. Furthermore, we tailor the aromas for nebulization and prepare them for final testing at specific locations.

Process 06

Once the client selects the final aroma, we strategically implement it in their spaces. Over time, we provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that the olfactory identity remains effective and aligns with the brand's evolving needs.

Personalized Products

Scented Creations for Sports

In addition to olfactory sensory architecture, we specialize in creating personalized fragrance solutions for all, offering a unique olfactory experience tailored to each brand. You can try our premium home line to bring the same sophistication and distinction of your sports complex into everyday living. Your members will ask for these.

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What are the benefits of olfactory marketing in the sports industry?

Olfactory marketing in the sports and fitness industry, encompassing both sports venues and gyms, yields a multitude of benefits for brand engagement and overall customer experience. Introducing distinct scents associated with sports teams, venues, or fitness centers creates a unique and memorable atmosphere, heightening the immersive quality of the fan or gym-goer experience. This approach not only strengthens brand identity and recognition but also fosters a positive emotional connection with users. Beyond the confines of physical spaces, gyms can leverage olfactory marketing to enhance merchandise and promotional materials, extending their brand influence. The strategic use of fragrance in fitness environments contributes to a positive and motivating ambiance, potentially increasing member satisfaction and retention. Whether in sports arenas or gyms, carefully chosen scents can positively influence the overall atmosphere, promoting increased engagement, attendance, and dwell time. Olfactory marketing serves as a powerful tool for sports brands and fitness centers alike, providing an innovative and multisensory approach to differentiate themselves, engage their audience, and create a lasting positive impression within the sports and fitness sector.

What are the most commonly used scents in the sports sector to enhance the guest experience?

In the sports sector, enhancing the guest experience through carefully chosen scents has become a common practice, aiming to create unique and memorable atmospheres. Citrus scents like orange or lemon are frequently utilized for their invigorating and uplifting properties, contributing to a positive and lively environment. Eucalyptus and mint scents, known for their refreshing qualities, find favor in fitness environments, promoting a sense of cleanliness and well-being. The aroma of green grass or fresh air is often employed to evoke the outdoors, providing a feeling of openness and freshness in open-air venues. In premium sports facilities, woodsy scents like sandalwood or cedarwood add warmth and sophistication. Ocean or water scents create a calming ambiance, suitable for spa areas or aquatic centers. Sweet and comforting scents like vanilla or warm bakery aromas are chosen for hospitality spaces within sports venues, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Some sports teams even opt for custom-branded scents to enhance brand recognition and offer a unique fan experience. Additionally, neutral or clean scents such as linen or cotton contribute to a fresh and hygienic perception, particularly in fitness centers or locker rooms. The choice of scents is tailored to the preferences of the audience, the purpose of the space, and the desired brand image, ensuring a subtle and positive overall experience for guests.

Are the scents used in gyms or sports venues safe for the health of guests?

Yes, the scents used in sports venues or gyms are designed with safety in mind. All aromas comply with the regulations set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). Additionally, each aroma employed in the hotel has a safety data sheet detailing its components, ensuring that it meets the established standards of quality and safety. This approach guarantees that guests can enjoy a pleasant olfactory experience while maintaining a safe environment for their well-being.

In which areas of gyms is scent marketing commonly used?

Scent marketing finds wide application in various areas of gyms and sports venues, enhancing the overall visitor experience. Welcoming fragrances are often incorporated into entrances and lobbies, creating a positive first impression and setting a favourable tone for the entire facility. For example, the gentle scent of lavender or citrus can provide a relaxing and energising welcome. Exercise floors are often infused with energising fragrances, such as mint or eucalyptus, motivating people during their workouts and contributing to a dynamic atmosphere. In locker rooms, it is common to find clean and refreshing fragrances, such as ocean breeze or lemon scent, enhancing the feeling of cleanliness and providing a pleasant post-exercise experience. In spa and relaxation areas, calming fragrances such as lavender or sandalwood create a tranquil environment to enhance well-being. Cafeterias and hospitality areas use welcoming fragrances; for example, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or baked goods can create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. In group exercise studios, stimulating fragrances such as citrus or mint raise energy levels during classes. Retail areas can integrate branded or appealing fragrances; for example, the scent of cedarwood or vanilla can foster positive associations and increase merchandise sales. In outdoor spaces, VIP lounges and premium areas, fragrances such as the freshness of freshly cut grass or the exquisite scent of leather can be used strategically to complement natural surroundings or enhance exclusivity, contributing to a multi-sensory experience that positively influences visitors' perceptions and creates a more enjoyable and memorable visit overall. Careful consideration of the intended atmosphere and audience preferences guides the strategic placement of fragrances in these spaces.

What types of diffusers are commonly used in gyms or sport venues?

In gyms or sports venues, a variety of diffusers are strategically employed to enhance the olfactory experience in different areas. For expansive spaces like entrance areas and fitness floors, nebulizer stream diffusers are commonly used to ensure an even distribution of invigorating scents, promoting a positive and dynamic atmosphere. In more confined spaces like locker rooms or relaxation areas, trace mist diffusers are often employed for localized diffusion, creating a refreshing and targeted olfactory experience. In VIP lounges or hospitality zones, home fragrance diffusers such as reed diffusers may be preferred to offer a personalized and inviting ambiance. Additionally, specialized diffusers like the Beasty can be integrated into the air conditioning system of large, non-public areas, allowing for powerful and efficient fragrance diffusion to establish a consistent olfactory atmosphere throughout the venue. This diverse range of diffusers allows for a tailored and immersive approach to scenting, contributing to a multisensory and memorable experience in every corner of the sports facility.

Do you offer exclusivity in the development of scent identity for your gym customers?

Yes, we offer exclusivity by creating a unique olfactory identity. We are committed to not offering the same fragrance to any other customer. This sets each gym apart from others.

How long does it take to develop a personalised gym fragrance?

The development process can take between 1 and 2 months. The chemical mixture with the identity requested by the customer is sought. Several samples are made so that the last one is unique. At the end, it is sent to the consumer to evaluate and choose the one that really suits their needs.

Are the aromas in the gym natural?

Some of the fragrances we offer are natural and hypoallergenic. However, mist fragrances need a solvent in their composition to evaporate. For this reason, they combine natural and synthetic ingredients. But they are also sustainable.

The inclusion of synthetic ingredients limits the use of respiratory allergens and reduces fragrance sensitivity, while maintaining quality. We guarantee that all our fragrances are IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certified, which means they meet safety standards.

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