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The Aroma Trace is a leading brand in olfactory marketing for the entertainment industry. Since 2006, we've partnered with customer experience directors in over 40 countries scenting casinos, nightclubs, theaters, and museums.

We implement sensory architecture in key areas, including entrances, entertainment spaces, exhibition halls, performance venues, and even lounge areas. We can craft a multisensory experience that enhances the overall entertainment atmosphere. This can involve creating thematic zones within casinos, nightclubs, museums, and theaters or elevating the overall visitor experience.

Each visit becomes an unforgettable memory. This approach goes beyond simply scenting spaces; it is a strategic tool to influence emotions, enhance brand perception, and increase client satisfaction. Explore the power of our sensory architecture to evoke emotions.


1Extended Visit Duration

Various studies highlight the connection between pleasant scents and extended consumer dwell time. According to a study in the International Journal of Marketing Studies, businesses incorporating scent marketing saw a significant increase in customer time spent. On average, customers stayed 15% longer in scented environments. The Aroma Trace's strategic scenting can influence specific behaviors; for example, in casinos, introducing scents strategically in gaming areas can contribute to prolonged customer engagement.

2Post-visit Recall

The emotional impact of scent is well-documented. A study by the Sense of Smell Institute found people recall memories more vividly when triggered by specific scents. The Aroma Trace's ability to create a unique olfactory experience enhances post-visit recall. Positive experiences, including the olfactory aspect, lead visitors to share their experiences. Positive word-of-mouth, both in person and on social media, attracts new visitors, contributing to increased brand awareness and sustained interest.

3Increased Visitor Engagement

We create a multisensory experience. Studies in consumer behavior highlight the power of engaging multiple senses. Engaging visitors on various sensory levels, including smell, contributes to a more immersive entertainment atmosphere. Creating thematic zones or customizing scents for events enhances engagement. Thematic scents aligned with offerings contribute to a cohesive experience, making visitors more likely to explore. Increased engagement through scent marketing can lead to repeat visits and improved customer loyalty, as suggested by a study in the Journal of Business Research.


Olfactory marketing can help you create memorable, engaging, and unique experiences.

Our experience allows us to create custom scents that meet the needs of every business. Request a free scenting trial for qualifying clients.

CO2 Pollution

The Aroma Trace places paramount importance on reducing its carbon footprint by implementing eco-conscious practices throughout its supply chain and product lifecycle. This commitment to minimizing CO₂ emissions sets The Aroma Trace apart from other brands, aligning it with the principles of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. These are levels of CO₂ in a space scented with The Aroma Trace vs Other brands.













Scent Selection or Creation

We offer you a wide range of options to choose from or design a unique olfactory identity that transforms your spaces and emotions. Our collection of 65 aromas, created by renowned perfumers, encompasses a variety of emotions and olfactory notes. For example, in our "Self Confidence" collection, the 1.1 Luxury Drive aroma takes you to the roar of the engine, the feel of leather-wrapped steering, and the thrill of speed. Each aroma in our collection is designed to evoke unique and vivid emotions. It's the ideal choice for small to medium-sized clients seeking variety and a proven solution to enhance different environments. You can select these aromas with the assistance of our sensory architects and our App, The Aroma Trace, using an artificial intelligence test that determines which aroma best suits your personality and mood. To go a step further, we can conduct neuromarketing studies to measure the impact of scent on brain functions and emotions. For larger clients and BTL activations, we offer the creation of exclusive olfactory identities. We collaborate closely with you to understand your goals and brand, crafting personalized aromas that align with your identity and create memorable experiences for your audience.

Process 01

We initiate the process by immersing ourselves in a virtual reality presentation where we travel to different environments through scent. Later we immerse in the essence of the client's brand. This involves a comprehensive understanding of their values, objectives, key audience, and the specific emotions they wish to highlight. We maintain a holistic approach to ensure that the olfactory identity is a genuine extension of the brand.

Process 02

We then use our Scent Briefcase with 65 fragrances to determine which fragrance integrates best with the overall brand identity. We consider elements such as the logo, slogan, architecture, space design, corporate colors, and the brand's personality. Based on this process we gift the client mouillettes with the preferred scents and we pick one from our collection or move on to scent creation if the client qualifies.

Process 03

In the case of olfactory creation, our highly skilled and expert team of perfumers meticulously creates 3 to 5 initial aroma samples designed to reflect the brand's values and attributes. Throughout this process, we ensure that each aroma complies with the highest ethical standards and the regulations set by the IFRA.

Process 04

In the case of olfactory creation, we facilitate the testing of these samples with the client using a Sensory Box format. Each sample is presented through a unique video with a QR code, allowing decision-makers to experience the olfactory sensations and participate in a survey at the end to select their favorite aroma. Optionally, we conduct neuromarketing studies to identify the emotions evoked by the aromas in the audience.

Process 05

Based on client feedback and test results, we make adjustments and refine the aromas as necessary. Furthermore, we tailor the aromas for nebulization and prepare them for final testing at specific locations.

Process 06

Once the client selects the final aroma, we strategically implement it in their spaces. Over time, we provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that the olfactory identity remains effective and aligns with the brand's evolving needs.

Personalized Products

Scented Creations for the Entertainment Sector

In addition to olfactory sensory architecture, we specialize in creating personalized fragrance solutions for all, offering a unique olfactory experience tailored to each brand. You can try our premium home line to bring the same sophistication and distinction of your sports complex into everyday living. Your members will ask for these.

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What are the benefits of olfactory marketing in the entertainment industry?

Olfactory marketing in the entertainment industry offers a multisensory approach to enhance the overall audience experience, creating lasting impressions and emotional connections. Studies indicate that integrating pleasant scents can significantly impact consumer behavior and improve perceptions. In cinemas, the strategic use of fragrances synchronized with movie scenes can immerse viewers more deeply into the narrative, heightening emotional engagement. Theme parks leverage olfactory marketing to evoke specific atmospheres; for instance, the scent of freshly baked goods near a bakery-themed attraction. In live performances, such as theater productions or concerts, carefully chosen fragrances can complement the storyline or musical elements, enhancing the audience's sensory engagement. By incorporating olfactory elements, the entertainment industry aims to create a more memorable and immersive experience, fostering positive associations with brands, attractions, or performances.

What are the most commonly used scents in entertainment to enhance the customer experience?

In the entertainment industry, a diverse array of scents is thoughtfully incorporated to elevate the customer experience and immerse individuals in captivating atmospheres. The iconic aroma of freshly popped popcorn, a cinema classic, generates a sense of anticipation and nostalgia for moviegoers. Sweet and sugary notes of cotton candy often envelop theme parks and circus-themed attractions, enhancing the sensory delight of the experience. The inviting scent of freshly baked goods, whether warm pastries or cookies, contributes to a cozy ambiance within entertainment venues. In maritime settings, the fragrance of ocean breeze may be utilized to add authenticity to water-themed attractions. For holiday-themed events, woodland or pine scents evoke a festive and seasonal spirit. Floral scents like lavender or rose to create pleasant and uplifting atmospheres depending on the theme. The essence of a campfire or bonfire may be introduced in outdoor events or performances featuring fire elements for added realism. The sophisticated aroma of leather is commonly found in theaters or venues with a classic or luxurious theme. In a casino, the subtle but alluring scent of vanilla or amber may be employed, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that complements the excitement of gaming. Additionally, the fresh and invigorating scent of citrus fruits contributes to vibrant and energizing atmospheres in select entertainment settings, while tropical or rainforest themes may feature scents of lush vegetation and rain. Through these carefully selected scents, the entertainment industry strives to engage the olfactory sense, enriching the overall customer journey with immersive and enjoyable sensory experiences.

Are the scents used in entertainment safe for the health of customers?

Yes, the scents used in entertainment are designed with the health and safety of customers as a top priority. Similar to hotels, these fragrances adhere to strict regulations established by industry organizations such as the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). Each scent utilized in entertainment venues undergoes a thorough evaluation, and its components are documented in a safety data sheet to ensure compliance with established standards of quality and safety. This meticulous approach guarantees that customers can indulge in an enjoyable olfactory experience while maintaining a secure environment for their well-being.

In which areas is olfactory marketing commonly utilized?

Olfactory marketing is a common practice in various sectors of the entertainment industry, enhancing the overall sensory experience for patrons. In movie theaters, it is utilized to synchronize scents with specific scenes, immersing audiences more deeply into the narrative. Museums employ olfactory marketing to augment exhibits, offering a more immersive understanding of historical or cultural contexts by introducing scents like ancient parchment or incense. Casinos strategically use subtle scents like vanilla or lavender to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, encouraging patrons to stay longer and enjoy the gaming experience. Nightclubs incorporate olfactory marketing to contribute to the overall ambiance, aligning scents with the venue's theme, such as diffusing tropical fragrances for a Caribbean-themed night. These applications showcase how olfactory marketing is seamlessly integrated into diverse entertainment spaces, enriching the customer experience and creating memorable moments.

What types of diffusers are commonly used in entertainment?

In the entertainment industry, a diverse array of diffusers is strategically employed to ensure effective fragrance distribution across various spaces. Much like hotels, the choice of diffusers is customized to suit the unique characteristics of each area within entertainment venues. For expansive spaces such as movie theater lobbies, air stream diffusers are frequently utilized to evenly disperse captivating scents, enhancing the overall ambiance for patrons. In more focused or smaller areas within museums, trace mist diffusers may be chosen for a localized olfactory experience, complementing specific exhibits. Nightclubs, with their dynamic atmospheres, might opt for a combination of air stream and trace mist diffusers to suit different zones within the venue. The diverse selection of diffusers allows entertainment establishments to create personalized and immersive sensory environments, contributing to a memorable and enjoyable experience for their patrons.

Do you offer exclusivity in the development of olfactory identity for your clients?

Yes, we provide exclusivity in our olfactory development contracts. To clients for whom we create a unique olfactory identity, we guarantee exclusivity throughout the duration of the contract. This means that we commit not to offer the same fragrance to any other client during the agreed-upon period. This measure ensures that the olfactory identity crafted for a client is unique and distinctly reflects the desired brand or environment without duplicates in other locations or establishments.

How long does it take to develop a custom fragrance?

The process of developing a custom fragrance typically takes between 1 and 2 months. This timeframe encompasses the meticulous search for the perfect chemical blend that aligns with the desired identity, ensuring it adheres to our strict ethical code. Additionally, time is dedicated to crafting multiple samples to guarantee the fragrance is exceptional. Once the samples are completed, they are sent to the client for evaluation, ensuring the final fragrance is entirely satisfactory and unique for their specific application.

Are your fragrances natural?

We offer a variety of aromas, some of which are completely natural and hypoallergenic, perfect for sprays and home products. However, it's important to note that essential oil fragrances require a solvent in their chemical composition for diffusion. There is no natural solvent that is free from CMR (carcinogenic, mutagens, reprotoxic chemicals). Therefore, our fragrances contain a carefully balanced combination of natural and synthetic ingredients.

The inclusion of synthetic ingredients helps us limit the use of respiratory allergens and reduce sensitivity to fragrances without compromising olfactive quality. We strive to maintain a balance between quality and sustainability in our formulas. Furthermore, all our fragrances come with IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certificates, ensuring compliance with international safety and quality standards.

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