Olfactory Marketing for the future of companies

I’m sure you’ve heard about the power of olfactory marketing in the buying behavior of users and customers. But do you know exactly what it is and all the benefits it has for your company?

What is olfactory Marketing?

Olfactory Marketing is a revolutionary technique used to create ties with brands and consumers through sense of smell.

In addition, it has as its main objective the loyalty of the people and consequently, to increase the sales creating an emotional bond. This is achieved by enhancing the sense of smell, and influencing behavior through memory.

Because, according to several university studies, almost 35% of our memories come from smell. While through sight or hearing, it is only 5% and 2%, respectively, as indicated in a study conducted by Rockefeller University in new York.

With these figures, it is normal for companies to start betting on olfactory Marketing, because it offers the possibility of gaining relevance between a market, more and more competitive. In addition, a pleasant or relaxing odor can make you completely change the method of buying someone and your vision on a brand or company.

How does olfactory Marketing work?

The answer to this question is quite simple, but the procedure needs great experts who know perfectly how to translate the needs of the company. The aroma Trace is one of those experts and if you want, we will help you to find the aroma that supports your brand.

The key is to get an aroma that identifies with the brand, and above all, that consumers know how to relate to it. Otherwise, the effort will have been in vain.

A very clear example is the new car smell of numerous car brands. Or the smell of popcorn from the cinema or the smell of freshly made bread from the supermarkets.

The Senses act as a communication channel and companies that engage in olfactory marketing know it. The smell is the most powerful sense, much more than the sight and the ear, since perceiving a smell we can revive a memory or an emotion.

Many fragrances are usually general, looking not to conquer the client but to make you feel comfortable with a pleasant smell.

In addition, it should be said that when the customer is very special and knows exactly what you are looking for or what you want to wake up in the client, is when new fragrances are made and rewarded differing the rest. And that carries a hard work behind it.

One could divide the aromas into three large groups: relaxing, energizing or sensual. But those who draw the most attention, or for those who are most committed are those who evoke memories of childhood.

The memory is an internal feeling that wakes up when we get drunk from something that is familiar to us. And if it is right, it transports us to a special moment that we would like to live again. The smell is so powerful, that several studies indicate that the aroma of a store influences them to buy or even to enter it.

Why bet on olfactory marketing for your business?

One of the main reasons why companies are betting on investing in the olfactory Marketing of their company is to conquer the smell of their customers or influence the purchasing process.

In other words, they seek to arouse in the consumer emotions and pleasant and comfortable feelings. Without losing freshness and elegance. If you mix all that up, you can get a perfect mix.

Olfactory Marketing Strategies

Currently, several strategies can be followed and all can be very useful:

  • Aroma packaging so that the level of satisfaction and customer ratings are much better. Since waiting times, until the package is received, are not imminent and helps the customer to have a good impression of the brand.
  • Outlets with recreations of a specific smell of your star product. Whether you’re selling baked biscuits, freshly made coffee and bread, new clothes or leather shoes.

But this olfactory Marketing technique is not only for sale. As it can be very useful if you want your employees to be at home and be much more efficient in their work. It is shown that certain aromas, such as jasmine, enhance concentration.

We have already counted the keys to a correct strategy of olfactory marketing, do not fall into the trap, goes to a specialist in the sector, you will notice the difference.

Olfactory Marketing for the future of companies

Companies that use olfactory Marketing

The first companies that joined the olfactory Marketing were food companies. Who hasn’t been through a supermarket and smelled fresh bread and hasn’t bought a loaf of bread? So special is the olfactory Marketing.

Although right now, it is most used by hotels, gyms, shopping centers, shops, cinemas and medical clinics. More and more companies are joining this movement, so if you want to, we will love to talk to you to give your business a turn.

Examples of success stories

For example, Abercrombie sells garments to a young audience with citrus and musk aromas. This formula stimulates self-confidence and masculinity.

Another success story is Disney, since it implemented this technique in its theme parks, using a smell of gunpowder that gives realism in its performances and a smell of popcorn arousing hunger in its customers. Something wonderful that has continued to be used in the cinemas of the whole world.

The brand of Rolls Royce uses a scent of leather and perfume to intoxicate the interior of the car when a customer takes his car to the workshop. In this way they awaken in the client the feeling of being brand new car.

And what happens when we gather all the senses to use them in favor of our company? That’s the basis of neuromarketing.

If we put together the music, the smell and a nice light, in a perfect balance, it can have a very positive effect.

This is the case with Dunkin’ Donuts. He combined several sensory elements and was a successful campaign. He selected several buses from Korea and placed dispensers in them, besides being listening to an advertising wedge on the radio. Visits were increased by almost 19%.

When a brand uses all these techniques, it can get users to remember a lot more about the brand. Since the brand is not just the brand, it all communicates. The Odotipo helps the perception of the brand and the Sonotipo ends up supporting the rest of the communication.

We are in a mobile, visual, tactile and multi- sensory World, where those who know how to integrate all these factors stand out above the rest. If you also want to highlight, contact us, we will help you.

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