Get an optimal olfactory marketing strategy for your business

A scent can become a strong and powerful ally to establish links with long-lasting customers, so a good olfactory marketing strategy is undoubtedly true.

But what are the key points so that an olfactory marketing strategy is perfect for our brand? Let’s analyze the points:

What a good olfactory marketing strategy should accomplish

As you already know, smell is one of the senses that has the most power to act in front of the user. For this reason, companies opt for olfactory marketing companies to be able to conquer users through the nose.

In this way, companies awaken users through a specific aroma, memories and emotions associated with good experiences or lived moments. In this way, this feeling is associated with the company, improving relations with the client.

Not for nothing, olfactory marketing has become one of the most powerful tools for the positioning of an offline and online business. Taking into account, in turn, that also influences the process of buying users and their way of seeing things.

In this way, many stores in their establishments, or the brands and businesses in their packagings already have a defined aroma with which they associate and connect with users.

Now, let’s analyze the key parts for a correct olfactory marketing strategy. These clues originate from a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review.

Get in the hands of experts

Just as you would not leave your health in the hands of anyone, the fragrance with which you associate your business should not be unimportant.

The aroma that you choose for the olfactory marketing of your business should be done in a professional way and in the hands of the best. At The Aroma Trace, we assure you the best team of professionals at your disposal.

In the study carried out, they advise that the most sensible thing is to go to the hands of an olfactory marketing professional and avoid going to a perfumer. Since the process of creating the fragrance of your business and a perfume, it is not the same.

So to achieve the desired effect, it is best to meet and spend time to the aroma for which you will get more lasting relationships.

Know how to define the company before choosing an aroma

In order for the expert to be visited to reconstruct the fragrance with which he imagines, the characteristics that define the company and the brand must be clear.

When the visual image of a business is created or the ambient music of a store is studied, it is very clear what is sought to be transmitted. In the same way you should study the aroma that is going to be used.

Can you imagine that the logos of a company carried out in a random way and without having anything in mind? Just as colors, shapes and typography are studied, the creation of an aroma is complex and takes time.

Having clear the parts of vision, mission and values of the company, the process of making is much easier. In this way, you will be able to connect with the values, emotions and personality of the brand you wish to transmit.

Did you mean: Un aroma que transmite

A scent that transmits
In relation to the previous key, the aroma has to transmit the brand values, as well as the business position.

The smells, like the colors that are chosen for the brand and as corporate colors, have a meaning. And in turn, a good aroma must express in the same way, what the company expresses, that is, have a harmony in the messages and not confuse the user.

For example, if you are looking for a relationship with a young and dynamic audience you should avoid lavender, as it is a much more traditional scent. Although for a library it is perfect since it allows to improve the concentration in the afternoon.

Citrus fruits, for example, transmit freshness and cleanliness, while spicy smells imply dynamism and energy.

Choosing the olfactory touches that you want to transmit correctly, can have a great value in favor of the company when selling more: smell of popcorn in a cinema, thus promoting the sale of popcorn or a fragrance with aromatic touches of moss, grass and wood for ecological hotels.

Another point to keep in mind is that generating a scent is not only that, but it is generating messages and emotional links with the user, thus strengthening the relationship with this. Without a doubt, this is the main characteristic of Olfactory Marketing.


Estrategia de Marketing Olfativo

Analyze people’s answers

As when launching a new product to the market, we must study the response of users to the changes. For this, the reaction can be analyzed in several control groups. In this way, mistakes can be corrected or certain nuances can be enhanced that improve the essence of the brand.

It should be noted that you can make almost two equal aromas, but these can generate two totally different responses depending on the environment where they are.

For this, a clear balance is needed between the establishment, the products or services offered and the aroma implemented in the business.

It establishes where and how the consumer will be reached

It must be recognized that this key is given little importance than what it really has. The fragrance of a brand conveys the values of the brand itself to consumers, defines it and makes a communication on its own.

A clear example are the bakeries that are discovered thanks to their fragrance as characteristic as bread or freshly baked cookies. Surely these bakeries have been there for a long time and thanks to the action that makes the aroma, attracts new customers to the storefront.

The fragrance has a complete strategy along with positioning, digital marketing strategies and strategies to increase sales with the placement of products in a linear. You should investigate if you want it to be associated with specific points of the business, that invades the street or that is only within the business, the hours or the continuity of the aroma or if you are looking for something subtle or more obvious.

All these keys can help your brand have a close relationship with your customers. Whether emanating emotions, recreating memories or past experiences.

Whatever your business is, there is a special scent for you and The Aroma Trace wants to help you achieve your goals by attracting and building more customers. Creating a unique bond through the most powerful sense of all.

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