We enhance your business’ buying experience

Meet us at euroshop

In our 3D25 stand, you will learn how you can create emotional bonds with your clients through the sense of smell.

Discover our EFT (emotional facial tracking) technology and be amazed about the impact that it can make in your business’ buying experience.

We create emotional connections between your brand and your client

Meet us at euroshop

Join us in our virtual reality experience and discover the latest technology that guarantees ROI in sensory marketing strategies

Innovative Technology for the retail industry.

Come to our Stand to meet our experts

Our I+D team provides the most advanced technology in Sensory Olfactory Architecture.

First scent diffuser with IoT (Internet of Things). 24/7 – 365 days connection controlled via internet.

The latest sensory marketing solution with ROI guaranteed.

Improves the customer success rate of your business.



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