Our perfume department based on our method ”Endless Christmas” and the ”Brief of the brand”

Finally, we adapt the same to the necessary diffusion system. Optionally, we can carry out a study of Neuromarketing.

We develope several olfactory proposals for its later selection, by the client.

With this way, we guarantee that the preselected aromas evoke, in an objective public, the emotions that the client seeks.


This service consists of the strategic installation of aroma diffusion systems and their periodic maintenance, to generate an unforgettable sensory experience for the user, with the following benefits:

Improve the shopping experience

Strengthens branding of the brand

High brand fixation in memory

Increased repeat visits from customers

They perceive the products or services in a positive way

Prolonged permanence by 15%

It can be used in events, fairs and on a regular basis in any space where there is contact with the user.


The olfactory BTL activations are Sensory Marketing strategies that can be done in unexpected places or points of sale, in order to enhance the excitement and surprise in those who live. We reproduce, in points of sale, aromas that we associate with certain products to evoke emotions and memories, in order to detonate the purchase button. These types of campaigns tend to be highly successful, with exponential sales increases.


E-commerce continues to replace traditional commerce, so users do not experience the emotions that our experts in sensory architecture build at the points of sale. For this reason, we design countless personalized olfactory products for each client, in order to transfer, within the online order, the sensory experience and generate brand recall, loyalty from the online channel.

We also offer customized olfactory products for marketing and financing of Sensory Architecture projects.