Best examples of Olfactory Marketing in companies.

At this point, I suppose you will know the power of Olfactory Marketing for companies. This increasingly famous term is one of the quietest marketing techniques but one of the most effective in the market. We already talked about several aromas that attract customers that are perfect to improve traffic in your business. And today we are going to focus on the best examples of Olfactory Marketing that exist or have been made.

10 examples of successful Olfactory Marketing

Mejores ejemplos Marketing Olfativo

Abercrombie & Fitch


The famous clothing brand was one of the pioneers in using olfactory marketing in your company. In addition, they have achieved a corporate image with neuromarketing actions. As a result of all of these actions, Abercrombie has its own line of scents that add to its collection of woody and intense men’s clothing. Before, this aroma was sprayed by hand while its workers went through the store. Currently, this aroma is sprayed by nebulizers to reach all corners of the store.

Burger King


The hamburger chain is another of the great examples of Olfactory Marketing that has been. Burger King uses its ventilation ducts to arouse the sensation of hunger among its visitors.



How? Using a fragrance with smell of Whopper, his most famous hamburger, in order to whet the appetite and increase sales of their products.

This fragrance of grilled meat was used in Japan to promote their burgers in a successful campaign.


Metro de Madrid


The subway of the Madrid capital has also been the setting for several Olfactory Marketing campaigns.

One of the examples is the action of the Destinia travel agency. This agency conducted a joint campaign with La Rioja, which was designed to encourage tourism to the Autonomous Community of Rioja.



How they did it? Odor dispensers were installed in the subway. In this way, users of the metro could know through smell a very special part of the region. Under the slogan «live a La Rioja», you could know the chosen smells, all of them related to the wine of the area, one of the star products.

In addition, for users to participate with the campaign, they should try to guess the smells. In this way, it was possible to interact in social networks and if you guessed it, it had a prize: to participate in a raffle of several nights in a hotel in the area for two people.

A very original way to know a destination without leaving the metro.

Ejemplos de Marketing Olfativo

Another more successful campaign in the Madrid subway was the one carried out by the Trident brand, promoting its new product. This campaign was made in the busiest station in the capital: Sol.

It was a sensory campaign uniting the senses of sight, hearing and smell, where they presented their new Trident gumballs under the slogan «Discover the new wave of freshness».

The waves decorated the walls, an audio was played where the sea was heard and with a nebulizer you could enjoy a pleasant smell of mint. It was the first olfactory and acoustic marketing action carried out in Madrid.


Scented billboards


The billboards are perfect for these olfactory marketing campaigns.

This was seen by the Cacaolat company, famous for its delicious chocolate shake and it was a success. This company wanted to increase its brand recognition through a sensory marketing campaign.



How? I invited all the people, who were in the bus shelters of Barcelona, to know the unmistakable chocolate aroma of their shakes. In this way, people could approach and smell the intense and delicious chocolate milkshake.

A unique experience that was very successful among users.

Packaging with smell

Ejemplos de Marketing Olfativo

Nowadays, it is very common for brands and online businesses to personalize their packaging so that the user has a much better perception of the product when it arrives. Since the shipments are not immediate and gives rise to that can be impatient.

When you go to the physical store, you can enjoy all the stimuli we have: beautiful shop windows, the products are perfectly placed, so that you touch them, smell them …

But this experience is lost when buying online. This is what some brands have taken advantage of. They make you receive a package, be an experience.

Brands like Olivia Soaps, they do it perfectly. This online store of soaps and cosmetics does not need a odotype, with the smell of its products is perfect. That’s not all, its packaging has a special design, so receiving one of its packages is an experience.



Many companies do not spend time designing the packaging of their products, without knowing all that they are missing, because by doing so, they are reinforcing their brand branding by giving users an incredible sensory experience.

Rolls Royce

Ejemplos de Marketing Olfativo

Surely you already know the success of this brand and its smell of «new car». Rolls Royce is a great example to follow in terms of Olfactory Marketing campaigns we talked about.

This campaign consisted of adding that smell that he liked so much when the car was released, adding it every time the car left the workshop.

In that way, the user was given the same feeling as they felt the first time they used the car.



Disney also uses Olfactory Marketing to encourage sales of its products or improve the user experience in the theme park.

He managed to give it realism with touches of gunpowder or burned rubber in his shows. In addition, he placed several nebulizers with the smell of popcorn in his streets to improve the sales of this product and increase the appetite of the people .



This last technique is also used in movie theaters, to the point that many users do not go to the movies without buying a box of popcorn.




Street vendors have been using Olfactory Marketing for many years. To attract customers to their posts they used incense.

Today, there are other examples, such as the scent of suntan lotion in travel agencies, Red Bull in nightclubs or green tea in clinical centers.


Dunkin Donuts


The Dunkin Donuts campaign is one of the most successful campaigns in the history of Olfactory Marketing.

To improve the sales of their coffee, in several buses in Korea, they programmed several nebulizers with a coffee aroma while their jingle (and only their jingle) played on the bus radio in the morning, while people went to work, to school …

And to top off this action, when the user got off the bus, he came across an advertising poster with the Dunkin Donuts brand. Chance? No, in this way, the brain began to work with the different stimuli.



Which it was the result? Coffee sales improved to 29% and visits increased to almost 20%.




We finish this post with one of the most famous Spanish brands worldwide.

Ejemplos de Marketing Olfativo

Inditex has achieved a perfect cross-selling strategy. On the one hand the customer is attracted to the smell of their stores and spends more time in them. Also, if you want that same aroma to be in your home and enjoy it whenever you want, you can get it with the home fragrances that the brand sells in its stores.

Without a doubt, something wonderful, first you seduce and you end up with a conquest.

We hope that these examples have been useful to you. As you can see, the imagination of the people is something incredible.

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